10 Simple Roofing Tips for Everyone

Simple taking care of your home does not require any advance skills. Here are 10 easy roofing repair tips you need to know to safely fix your roof when it starts crying out for help.

Get along with the Nature Roof leaks are not only mortifying but also it drives us crazy when we could not fix it right away. However, when natural dilemmas like heavy rain and ice and snow visit our abode, you might as well think twice if you intend to locate that leak on your roof installation at a dangerous time. For the surest and safest way to get your roof leak fixed, wait until the weather calms down so you can finally work on it.

Always think ‘Safety First’ Working up on your roof will need a lot of physical movements that’s why you need to make sure you are wearing the right gears to keep you safe. Comfortable clothes, rubber sole shoes, safety harness, and bringing along a buddy are basic necessities but will surely keep you protected.

Make it Rain Conduct a rain test on a sunny day by taking your garden hose and spray on different locations to easily find leaks on your roof installation.

Tidy up your gutters Do not take your gutters for granted because these helpful channels might actually be a reason for roof leaks if not cleaned. A little prevention-is-better-than-cure reminder would be helpful for a leak-free roof.

Avoid Dry Rot Making sure your roof is well-ventilated will avoid the dry rotting in your roof installation that causes leaks. Try installing a ridge vent after installing a soffit to prevent your roof from sagging in and cause the roof shingles to get brittle, crack, and then leak.

Break the Ice Winter season tends to leave frozen souvenirs under the roof membrane, shingles, and gutters. Once the ice reaches the wall line where the house is heated, it creates an interior drip so equip your roof with proper ventilation, rain and ice shields along with installing a drip edge to prevent this problem.

Roof repair boots Check on your roof repair boots as often as possible and see if they have dried. The roof repair boots must not dry up or it will cause major leaks so better be alert to know if you need to run to the nearest hardware store and replace it.

Check your materials Have a thorough inspection on little things like nails, faulty or cracked shingles, and more that might actually have a big impact on your roof’s durability.

Maintain valleys A usual leak spot, valleys or ridges are the intersection between two roofs where water usually splash back and forth especially on rainy days. A regular inspection on that spot will help you prevent your roof from leaking.

Complete wipe-out Roof maintenance could be very tricky and sometimes, some roof leaks are just hard to be found. Try the process of elimination where you cover an area, install shingles back and seal it watertight, then try other spots until you got all the areas covered.