7 Questions You Can Subtly Ask Your Roofing Contractors

Taking a huge home improvement step, roofing can be tricky as it will cost you your hard-earned money and time. To make sure your cash and time will not be put to waste, here are seven questions you can ask your roofing contractor to avoid doing the job twice.

What is your legal business name? Asking your roofing contractor about their business name will not only guarantee their legality, but also their credibility to accomplish the job. By asking their legal business name, you can also ensure that you are not dealing with a ‘fly by night’ contractor who will either run away with your deposit or install lower quality materials than what you actually paid for.

What level of roofing insurance do you have? When it comes to roofing, ask your roofing contractor about the insurance they have in order to see if they can legally operate in the state. To figure out what level of insurance is required in your state, head over to Google, type in “[YOUR STATE] roofing insurance requirements,” then choose a result from your state’s official website. Make sure to choose a .gov website to be certain. For example, in Massachusetts, the site is “mass.gov.”

Who will monitor the roofing installation? Make sure your contractor sends a project manager, the manager, or even the owner of the company to your site to supervise the job and ensure the project goes smoothly. Roofing is a complex job so if nobody is running the show, a small problem might turn your roofing project into a major disaster.

Can you send the roof estimate in my mailbox? While this may seem beneficial to you, it is actually not. When contractors agree that they will send you a quotation and drop it off to your mailbox, you actually lose the chance to ask any followup questions about the company, product, or installation practices.

What is your roofing price per square foot? Inquiring about the price per square foot helps you know if your contractor is unethical, inexperienced, or lazy roofers who just wants to close business regardless of the cost. Make sure that your roofing contractor consider factors such as the current market price of roofing materials, age of roof, pitch of roof, number of layers on existing roof, known issues, condition of the shingles, and condition of the wood decking before laying out their price.

Can you do a layover instead of a full roof replacement? A roofing layover is the process of nailing new shingles directly over your existing shingles and if your contractor says yes to this, it could mean they don’t mind giving you a poor service because this practice can worsen your roof’s health.

Does the roof estimator really need to come inside my house? This trick question enables you to ensure your contractor can perform small-scale inspections in the attic space, especially if there are signs of water damage (moss, lichen, etc) on the exterior of the roof,, and give estimates for homeowners all day long. Through this, surprise charges on installation day that can reach up to thousands and thousands of dollars could be avoided.

It is fine to get extremely critical when it comes to home improvement and asking these seven questions to your roofing contractors will just take a short while, but imagine how it will affect you on a long term. Remember what they always say, it is better to be safe than sorry.