When Home Renovation Meets Horror

Nothing’s cozier than a freshly refurbished home. However, while most are hiring home improvement contractors end up with a “home sweet home” tag, others experience the other way around—in horror. Check out these five hilarious home renovations that, unfortunately, went wrong.

1. Taking it to the next level They said you could be anything you like so these tiles became something—a roof. Literally taking things to the next level, this renovation fail might just show the owner’s unique taste in design, don’t you think?

2. Your ~secret~ is safe with me But unless you really need a hand after your toilet session, this portal of a cabinet will give you an ample supply of toilet paper needed for your private business.

3. No more doors closing When a door closes, another one opens. But in this house’s case, they did not plan to close the doors any more. Literally.

4. Stairs that make you actually stare This carpet overhauling could be a little tricky but fun for the daredevil who likes some challenges even at home. Besides, this home renovation fail may be a blessing in disguise to robbery-proof your house.

5. The perfect fit For the person who constantly restrains himself from worldly temptations, this style of cabinet might interest you.