Google's Project Sunroof Promotes Solar Energy Towards The Community

A lot of us function with the use of energy. Most people are willing to spend a good amount of money using high-energy consumption equipment. What most people are unaware of is that there’s a great power plant in the sky that still needs to be tapped. That is solar panel installation, if you still do not have a clue of what this article is talking about.

One of the pros of switching to using solar panel installation is that it’s free! It’s just up there, waiting for all to harness the power it offers.

But the big question is “what’s stopping anyone from switching to using solar panel installation?”

A number of reasons would put a person into a halt when trying to establish the need to switch to solar energy. While it can help people save lots of money, getting started with it brings up quite a number of stuff to figure out.

How many panels would you need? Can I install it by myself or do I look for a professional to do it for me? How much will I actually save? How can I tell if it’s really for me?

Sure, there are more questions than answers to it. And where do we usually go to when we want to find out answers? One word. GOOGLE. And because most people had the same questions, one of their engineers got a bright idea of putting together their new project, “PROJECT SUNROOF”.

So what is PROJECT SUNROOF? It is basically just a map but it shows how much sun falls on the roof. It was put together to encourage private adoption of solar panel installation by providing people a set of tools to facilitate their research, purchase and installation of solar panels. PROJECT SUNROOF also helps in calculating the total amount of money a user will save yearly. Using PROJECT SUNROOF will also give people an access to a list of local solar panel providers, retailers and installers, answering the dilemma of putting everything together.

PROJECT SUNROOF has initially been launched in some of the major cities of Boston, San Francisco and Fresno, it is planned to eventually expand across the country, and eventually on a global scale. It would all depend on the success of the first three communities where it began.

While waiting on the turnaround of Google’s PROJECT SUNROOF initiative, here are more reasons why you need to consider switching to Solar Energy:

1. Obviously, the main reason of why you should need to switch to Solar Energy is to reduce, and eventually eliminate your electricity bills. Any homeowner or business owner knows the amount of their monthly budget set aside to cover electrical consumption. Using solar panels will help generate free energy for your entire system. Even though it would not entirely eliminate your dependency on electrical consumption, using solar energy definitely reduces the amount of energy you consume, and eventually, lowering your utility costs.

2. Unbeknownst to everyone, but installing and using solar panel installation to harness solar energy is a surefire way to increase your property value. With multiple studies supporting this, homes and establishments that have an available solar energy systems are appraised higher than non-solar properties. And as more and more people become aware of the benefits of using solar panel installation, the demand for properties with available solar energy system is steadily increasing.

3. As a community, part of the reason for high-carbon emission is using synthetic fuels to fill the need of high energy consumption. Promoting the use of solar energy, not just in your homes, but your entire community will help influence others to do the same, making everyone responsible for protecting the environment. Not everyone knows that a typical residential unit produces an equivalent of three to four tons of carbon emissions in a year. To put it in perspective, it is an equivalent of having to plant 100 trees annually.

4. Solar energy promotes sustainability. Most businesses nowadays have a social responsibility which are important to a company’s values. Most consumers and communities give rewards and recognition to businesses who choose to operate responsibly. For businesses, finding that “green” credential is a powerful driver of consumer purchasing decisions.

There are more reasons why using solar energy is beneficial to everyone on this planet. The sun is a near-finite source of energy, and using its powers is sufficient enough to produce significant amounts of electricity -- enough to power an entire home, business and community.